We are teaching the boys to honor and respect others, especially women. 

Young girls are hearing for the first time that they are precious jewels and have great value to God. We tell them that they are beautiful and special. Most of all we tell them how much God loves them.

love of Jesus. Over half of

While the other children were playing, Wilmer and his sister sat with me for 

​Tim and Maria Lobo Setliff

Is to touch lives with the 

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Family of 10 Children Abandoned

future because they are trying to make it through the day.

in the home are physically, sexually, and verbally abused. He said, "Tim,

Wilmer is the oldest of 10 siblings. His father left them with nothing. 

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Sadly, this is an everyday occurrence that exposes the children to abuse,

Missionaries to Honduras

two hours. Wilmer put his arm on my shoulder while his sister held my hand.

Imagine hearing:

"You are stupid!"
"You will never be anything." 
"I wish you had never been born." 

Words kill and destroy. You hear that you are worthless enough times, you will  start to believe it. You become what you believe. 

About Us

We are committed to raising up a new generation of Biblical dads. The gospel is powerful and able to change lives. We are teaching young men what real men are like. 

Our prayer is that they will become men who follow Jesus and love their families, others and God with all their hearts. 

One local children's worker told me that many of the children with fathers 

have no father in the home.

sexual violence, drugs and gang involvement. Few have any hope of a 

the children we minister to

Most important of all, they are hearing the gospel. Bible stores and character lessons teach them values that they might not learn anywhere else.

Bible memory verses are a vital part of our program. Even the kindergarten and first grade child are memorizing the verses. The Word is a light and lamp.

tell  them that they are valuable and important." 


Our Mission