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La Ceiba, Atlantida, Honduras


of these homes have no positive male influence.

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Many of the children who have a father in their home are victims of 

Our ministry is located in La Ceiba, a port city on the northern coast of Honduras. The population is over 200,000. It is the third-largest city in Honduras and the capital of the Honduran department of Atlántida.  

La Ceiba is the home to many public schools. The opportunity is great to effect change in the lives of many children. We cannot reach everyone, but we are reaching some and giving them hope. Our resources are unlimited because we serve a great God.  

physical, sexual or verbal abuse. Many children have low self-esteem.

In a study conducted by the Honduran Institute for the Prevention of Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, and Drug Dependency on the use of alcohol and drugs among students in teachers’ schools in Honduras in 1996, four of every five students reported that children and adolescents could easily obtain alcohol in their communities. (Health in the Americas. Pan American Health Organization, 1998 Edition.) 

40% of all Hondurans are under the age of 15. The youth struggle with drug addiction. Absentee fathers leave the children with little or no adult supervision which leads to high rates of youth gang involvement and the highest per capita murder rate in the world.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Honduras is one of the poorest nations in the Western Hemisphere. 


Sixty-five percent (65%) of the people live in poverty. Forty percent 

the children that we minister to live in a home without a father. Most

(40%) of Hondurans are under the age of 15.  More then one-half of