La Ceiba, 


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* This produces a distorted picture of God as our heavenly Father. 

* 50% of the children we minister to have, no father in the home.

Last year, over 90 men, women and children received Jesus Christ as Savior!

During a time of prayer, I asked God to show me what to do. In my spirit, I heard the words, "Reach Down - Build Up!" The words were as clear as if I had heard an audible voice. God was telling me to teach children about a New Kind of Father who would never leave them.


* In the minds of most children, a father is someone who is not there.

Unfortunately, we found that most men make babies and disappear. 

On the last day of school, Anayeli, a student wrote me this touching note. 

"Grandfather, the words that you have taught me are written in my heart. And I know that all who put their faith in Jesus will be saved."

She got the message!


Reach Down - Build Up

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I am called to demonstrate the love of God to children. I am known as Abuelo Tim. For many of the children, I am their only male role model. I am Grandfather Tim to over 1400 kids. They are learning how to walk with God and are growing into men and women of God.

Kid's Safe is a new program developed to prevent sexual abuse.

New Kind of DAD ministries was born from the desire to teach men to be Biblical dads.

* Most children have no positive role model to teach them Biblical manhood/womanhood.

​​* The family unit in Honduras is broken. Everything seems to be designed to hinder marriage.