Copan Ruinas, Honduras

More than ever, we need men of God who will love & lead their families!

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Doña Francisca's grandchildren (ages 2 - 10) recently came to live with her. The children's father abandoned the children and the mother is unable to care for them. The baby was so malnourished that she had to be hospitalized. Her tiny legs were no bigger than a man's finger. 

My co-labor Rudy Martinez was told about the need. The family was given the fortified rice paks. After only one week of eating the nutritious food, the baby's health showed improvement. She is more active and has started to gain weight. 

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My car has been out of service for this whole year and I've had to take the bus when I go out of town.  Meet my new friend Noel. We sat together on the bus. During our conversation, I asked him about his relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He told me he wasn't a Christian. I shared the gospel with him and he put his faith in Christ.

Then, his niece Sophie joined us until she needed her mom and a nap. 

Sometimes, things happen and we just don't know why. It is awesome to know that God is directing our paths and He is leading us to the lost.

 God has led me to do things differently than most other missionaries.  I believe with all my heart that God will guide me and provide for me. Something amazing is happening in my life and ministry. My heavenly Father shows us with surprises and encounters that show His hand is involved in the work of this ministry. 

It is amazing to watch His sovereign hand move to put me in the right place to bless people or to be blessed. Every week, something happens that allows us to touch someone's life in a wonderful way. 

A couple of days before Darrell came to Copan, the teacher asked if we had any Bibles for his students. When the word got out, another school contacted us and wants us to come minister to the children. We need more Bibles.



Recently, Darrell Delay, a new friend contacted me. Something I posted online caught his eye and he wanted to meet me when he came to visit Copen Ruinas. Darrell brought a case of children's color illustrated Bibles.  

We have been helping a village school with food. I talked to the teacher about bringing materials to the school.  He didn't seem open to our ministry.​​


Doors have opened for our ministry in local schools. We are reaching over 500 children with the gospel each week. The lessons teach the children character qualities such as responsibility, honesty, respect, and honoring one another. Each lesson includes a Bible lesson and application of the videos. 

Most exciting of all is that the children are memorizing the Bible. Each lesson includes a Bible verse for the children to hide in their hearts. It is incredible to see the children's lives being changed by the power of the Word of God. 

The children call me Abuelito Tim - Grandfather Tim. Each week, the children greet me with lots of hugs.