On the last day of school, Anayeli, a student wrote me this touching note. 

"Grandfather, the words that you have taught me are written in my heart. And I know that all who put their faith in Jesus will be saved."

She got the message!


New Kind of DAD ministries was born from the desire to teach men to be Biblical dads.

Reach Down - Build Up

Last year, over 90 men, women and children received Jesus Christ as Savior!


* 50% of the children we minister to have, no father in the home.


Copan Ruinas, 

* This produces a distorted picture of God as our heavenly Father. 

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Unfortunately, we found that most men make babies and disappear. 


* Most children have no positive role model to teach them Biblical manhood/womanhood.

I am called to demonstrate the love of God to children. I am known as Abuelo Tim. For many of the children, I am their only male role model. I am Grandfather Tim to over 1400 kids. They are learning how to walk with God and are growing into men and women of God.

* In the minds of most children, a father is someone who is not there.

Kid's Safe is a new program developed to prevent sexual abuse.

​​* The family unit in Honduras is broken. Everything seems to be designed to hinder marriage.

During a time of prayer, I asked God to show me what to do. In my spirit, I heard the words, "Reach Down - Build Up!" The words were as clear as if I had heard an audible voice. God was telling me to teach children about a New Kind of Father who would never leave them.


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