Maria and I started praying - we had no TV's and no money to buy TV's. The very next night, God gave us an $1800 gift. 

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Part of God's plan was to give me a helper. On August 1, 2019, Maria Lobo and I were married. Maria is a school teacher and missionary.  She was born here in La Ceiba.
I prayed and God answered my prayer. 

We do not live forever! I realized that I had no plan to continue this ministry in the event that I died or had to go back to the states for health reasons. I prayed and God gave me a plan. He told me to install TV's in all the schools that I had been working with. 

The Idea For School TV Ministry

One of our students Anayeli 
wrote me this touching note:

"Grandfather, the words that
you have taught me are written
in my heart. And I know that all who put their faith in Jesus will
​be saved."

She got the message!


God tells us that He is able to surpass all we can imagine or think. Two weeks ago, another missionary contacted me. David Swartz has been working with local schools for years. He and his friend Anarela Diaz Carrillo saw the program. They prayed and believe that God has called them to be part of the team. "He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think."   


The program - Bible memory verses, lots of songs, and a variety of Bible story videos, educational videos and character lessons. The teachers now have the ability to use the videos daily if they want. 

La Ceiba, 


God opened the doors to 8 schools this month. 
We were able to get the program started in 4 schools. There are 1177 students that are being reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

In Escuela Gustavo Castaneda, we did a demonstration of the program to a small group of teens. After the video, we shared the gospel and 5 precious teens received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The program is expanding rapidly. Currently, we have around 2500 children and will enroll 3 more schools soon. Anarela has a heart to disciple the new converts. We hope to have an after school program going soon.  

We prepared all the videos and put them on a USB drive. Instead of having the materials one day a week, they now have access to all 129 videos. 

School TV ministry is AWESOME!


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