Over 50% of the children that I work with have no father in the home. Many have no positive male influence in the home. 

Our goal is to show them what a man of God is like and tell them about a Father who will never leave them nor forsake them. 

He is opening little hearts to the gospel.

More than 50% of the children in Honduras grow up in homes with no dad. 

Most have no positive male role model.  A dad is someone who is never there for them.

We are teaching them about a DAD/FATHER that will never leave them nor forsake them.

They are learning that the FATHER in heaven loves them and send Jesus to die for them.

Out of nearly 600 children, around 90 have put their faith in Jesus Christ in 2018.

What is A New Kind of DAD?


We met Dr. Phil Johnson last year. Dr. Phil has a world-wide ministry to amputees. Prosthetic devices are provided free of charge. Our ministry has received funds to help 6 amputees walk during 2018. 

Anayeli is one of our students. She wrote me a letter on the last day of school. Grandfather, that words that you have taught me are written in my heart. I know that all who put their faith in Jesus will be saved.


 Three major obstacles we are facing:

* Much of the abuse occurs in the child's home.

* The government has nothing in place to protect the children. 

* The police will not respond to a report of molestation.

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Women of God are Precious Jewels and Real Men Walk with God. Each week, around 1400 children are being taught how to be women and men of God. The children hide God's Word in their hearts and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Many children come to school hungry. The need is often overwhelming.  Because of your faithful prayers and support, we are able to teach them about the love of the Father, the sacrifice of Jesus and the empowering of the Spirit-filled life.


Copan Ruinas, Honduras

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More than ever, we need men of God who will love & lead their families!

A NEW KIND of DAD ministries presents Kid's Safe Honduras!

Our ministry is working with local public schools to develop a program to protect children from sexual abuse. The Kid's Safe program gives teachers a tool to use to help children recognize predators and what to do to protect themselves.